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                                                     Spot And Prevent Scaly Leg Mites  On Chickens A Common Disease

keeping chicken is no doubt great fun and rewarding but at times you may run into health problems which has to be taken care in sooner time. Don't worry, most of the health related issues can be done through by keeping coops clean and setting up your run. However if its naturally occurring diseases, there is very little you can do to prevent them.

Its when you have to know which type of diseases like scaly leg mites on chickens is that and what should be done to cure it! What are the possible ways to give them proper treatment and bring them back to normal heath. However its always advisable to take care of your chicken rather than option for treatment when they need medical attention. When you buy new birds, check twice before introducing them to flock of clean birds.

at first, its seems very easy to do but people get into trapped of thinking that new bird has to be clean, disease free and clean. However this thinking can be very expensive to you in later stage.

Nowadays common disease is scaly legs mite which is caused by parasitic mite that burrows under the scales of the legs and causes chickens irritations. This will lead to multiplication of tissue cells and puss like serum. Gradually scales mites on chicken legs become raised and legs become thick and have lumpy appearance of them. You can easily recognize this disease through this symptoms.

Scaly legs mite are highly contagious disease for chicken and will quickly affect other birds what so ever their age is. This is common in flocks kept on earth, soil and dry litter runs.

So keeping your chicken disease free ad healthy is clearly something you should aim for and as with disease we say “prevention is better than cure”.